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Earth Day turns 50! We can thank Senator Gaylord Nelson who created this day on April 22, 1970.  A real pioneer in the environmental movement, he worked to help keep our planet clean by bringing about regulatory laws that were non-existent at the time. Today, 193 countries have joined in on the action to embrace Earth Day. 

The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy. 

                                  -- Senator Gaylord Nelson (1916 - 2005)                                                             WWII Hero. State Senator. Governor. US Senator. Environmentalist. 

What have you been doing to help keep Mother Earth healthy? If you haven't started being eco-conscious perhaps now is the time to give Mother Earth a break!  

Here are Six Super Simple Steps to Reduce Your Environmental Impact on Our Planet


We know it’s a party for Mother Earth, but please stop buying balloons. Over 100,000 sea animals are killed every year by this seemingly innocent purchase as they often drift to the seas. Just say “no” to that temptation.



Reduce the need for plastic and paper bags by bringing your own grocery tote. There are also a variety of reusable bags that you can purchase online. It’s a cool look! The eco-friendly one.



    Reduce your carbon footprint by sticking to shops in your area.  From the local farmers market where you can purchase seasonal produce to small retail stores (when they open!). You will help small businesses and the local economy -- they badly need your business. Support your neighbors! And remember to practice safe distancing as you explore!



      To reduce your carbon footprint even more, use your feet! Walking or pedaling a bike instead of driving are great ways to give Mother Earth a break from those noxious fumes your car releases. Not to mention it's great exercise! Energize yourself with vitamin D, say “hello!” to neighbors with a friendly wave and explore the community you live in. It’s amazing what you see when you aren’t zooming by in a car. 


      5. RECYCLE

        Now that you’ve learned to buy local and utilize your reusable bags, you’ll find that you have less trash. Recycle the rest! From bottles, cans, cardboard boxes to unwearable clothing. You can recycle what you don’t use. Check with your local garbage facility to be sure what you can and can not recycle! Districts may vary.



          Reduce your consumption of foods that have a high impact on the environment -- like meat and dairy. Get to know your butcher and understand where their meat is sourced. Local, grass-fed and organic are all a good start. Explore foods that have a low impact on the environment such as Kelp!  These floating sea snacks filter carbon and nitrogen from the ocean with zero need of pesticides, fresh water or land -- making our planet greener as they grow! Now that’s something we can dive into!


          As we celebrate Earth Day -- and as we safely socialize --perhaps we can utilize some of these super-simple steps to celebrate our planet. Maybe with a bag of Kelp Chips while picking up litter along our streets will be the perfect celebration of her -- and us!  


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