Holy Maranara! La Tomatina Festival Canceled!

La Tomantina Festival in Spain Canceled due to COVID
Every year in  Buñol, Spain, on the last Wednesday of August, the Tomatina Festival begins. This one day festival which lasts about one hour started in 1945 and has been a smash ever since! 
Unfortunately due to COVID this close contact festival has been canceled. But don't distress. The Tomatina Festival will return! In the meantime since this is summer and tomatoes are in season, make yourself some beautiful tomato sauce and splash it all over your pasta. Of course, this is not the same as throwing it at thousands of people, but at least this way you get to savor the results in a yummy meal. And there are some seriously simple recipes out there! I tend to wing my tomato sauce recipes. Using only a few ingredients like a good olive oil, garlic, in season tomatoes or canned tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper. Sometimes I'll even throw in some black olives and chili oil for a punch. How do you make your pasta sauce? And what will you be doing to celebrate the last days of summer? 
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