On this Day Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began!

On this Day Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began!

January 5, 1933

  • 1937 The Golden Gate Bridge officially opened 
  • Golden Gate Bridge took 4 years to build and $35 million
  • 200,000 people walked across the bridge the day before it officially opened
  • Over 100,000 cars drive across the bridge daily 

Construction of our favorite San Francisco landmark began on this day, January 5, 1933! 

It didn’t go without a few setbacks including funding and approval issues to the Great Depression of 1929. Bank of America lessened the burden of the people to cough up the dough for construction and swept in to pay the full $35 million in bonds that were created in order to fund the bridge.

On May 27, 1937 the bridge officially opened, making hers the longest bridge span in the world, stretching 1.7-miles. Even President Franklin Roosevelt took part in the opening ceremonies! A celebratory crowd of 200,000 people walked across the bridge the day before the official opening and today over 100,000 cars roll into the city with ease, thanks to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the people that constructed her. 

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