Cowfish Print Short Sleeve Onesie
Cowfish Print Short Sleeve Onesie

Cowfish Print Short Sleeve Onesie

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All our unisex onesies are made from 100% cotton and make a unique gift for baby showers and expectant moms. The Cowfish is silk screened using eco friendly inks and heat cured for durability and wash-ability. The color lasts, no fading! The print itself is soft, it doesn't have a harsh or "plastic" like feeling. This unique baby bodysuit is comfortable and soft to the touch. It's also beefier than some onesies and runs larger than most, but will shrink in the wash. I still recommend to size up. 

YES! Receive a FREE Color-It-In Sea Creatures book with each purchase of apparel! And learn more about the spotted Triggerfish!

Other things to know:
  • Nickel free snaps to prevent allergic reaction
  • Snaps match garment color
  • Also included is an info card with a fun educational description of your character.


    Size: (0-3 mo) Height: 17-23in 

    Weight: 6-12lbs Average Age: 0-4mo


    Size: (3-6mo) Height: 23-27in 

    Weight: 12-17lbs Average Age: 2-7mo


    Size: (6-12mo) Height: 27-30in 

    Weight: 17-22lb Average Age: 6-13mo