Shrimp 'n Lobster

These little guys were created by the imagination of Charlotte Rygh. It was her love of the ocean and exploration that brought this kookie friendship together. 

The Catch The Cuteness label was created in 2014 to bring a call to attention to our oceans with five sea creatures. The idea is to bring awareness and education that will inspire action. 

When you wear Shrimp 'n Lobster you are an explorer, you're passionate about the world and a leader in making the planet better for all creatures big and small. 

Things to do

Explore our first book in a series of pocket books. Color-It-In Sea Creatures Pocket book. It was designed small for easy packing and cute personal pocket book. 

Show your love of the oceans by wearing our apparel. It has a Shrimp 'n Lobster on it too! (except the onesies)

Show you love the planet by recycling and picking up waste from the street. 

Get out there and explore! 

Fun Facts

The first illustration of Shrimp 'n Lobster was drawn with them in front of the Eiffel Tower. Oh la la!

For two years Shrimp 'n Lobster were on the cover of Holiday cards with five completely different fish....and a christmas tree worm. 

The very first Shrimp 'n Lobster book was created in 2014. But it didn't do so back to the drawing board! 

Shrimp species is a Harlequin Shrimp! 

The logo on the current apparel will change! Shrimp 'n Lobster have done a lot of growing up in the last five years. Dare we call them vintage? They are definitely limited. Get them while you can because once they are gone...they're gone.  

"You've got to find something that serves the grater you, so you can be your own inspiration." - Charlotte Rygh (Owner & Illustrator)


My love of exploration and travel started when I was just a kid. It didn't matter what Join the club of explorers big and small. 

We want you to have fun learning. To be proactive about asking questions explore all your senses and embrace compassion to all living creatures as we share this planet. 

Exploration begins with curiosity and the more we learn the more we


exploring the world and it's history

We want you to see the world in a different way. 


A different way to see the world. 


In 2014 an illustration of a Manatee gave inspiration to the umbrella company, Catch The Cuteness. The manatee among the four other sea creatures were derived from our incredible love of the ocean, the environment and exploration.  Over the years

Join the adventures of Shrimp n' Lobster and become participants in the world around you.

Our hand drawn designs and books are to inspire exploration and awareness.


Because awareness inspires education and builds a foundation of appreciation.


Through simple educational storytelling.

Let's go exploring!



"You've got to find something that serves the grater you, so you can be your own inspiration." - Charlotte Rygh (Owner & Illustrator)